Orrin D. Hill II


I Have an Idea.

It all starts with an idea. It can be a small topic of interest or ambitions of grandeur, an ongoing daydream, or a simple question of "Hey, wouldn't that be neat?" The idea is the starting point for creativity, one that can snowball into a stream of thoughts, plans, designs, interpretations and conclusions, and come together to create more ideas. It is a theme and a purpose, one for all to witness, feel and explore. Ideas - they can be bright or bad, big or small, inspire, expire, or change the world. Unless you act on it, and give it the treatment it deserves, you’ll never really know when you’ve got the right idea.

I became an artist because I have ideas. My name is Orrin D. Hill II, and as far back as I can remember, I’ve been a dreamer. I have had countless
interests, longings, loves, daydreams, and wonderings of what things could be, would be, and what they could do. I had ideas for stories, people,
characters, creatures and entire worlds, and art was the bridge between the mind and reality. I started drawing as soon as pre-school, creating
characters, stories and comic strips in middle school, and honing my
sketching, painting, and digital talents up through college. The skill of
presenting ideas in a way that it can be seen and understood visually by others is a form of communication that is on a level of feeling and emotion unlike any other. To obtain this skill, I have worked hard at my craft for
decades, as I see my direction in life. The process of expression and bringing an idea to life - whether on pencil and paper, on a computer, in paint or by any means necessary - that is my definition of art, and what I strive for.

I became an illustrator because I love ideas - and not just my own. I love the concept of an idea. It is the concept of creativity, originality, and the will to explore beyond the edges and outside the lines. An illustrator is someone who takes that ephemeral collective of thoughts and inklings and puts them into physical, understandable form. Concept art and layout design have become my strongest points of focus, and these skills I have gained are my tools for giving the ideas and ambitions, of all who dare to dream, the push in form and understanding they deserve. From a simple sketch or thumbnail, those few simple thoughts can grow, flourish and spark more like them - in a way that is as creative, original, inspiring, and new.

The tasks and hurdles ahead are never easy. The road to attaining the true intended expression is riddled with complications and problems that must first be solved. It can be tough, daunting, and intimidating, and things can completely fall apart – but don’t worry. I have an idea.


  • Digital & Traditional Illustration
  • Visual Development for Characters & Environment


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel Painter
  • Maya
  • Traditional (oil
  • watercolor
  • charcoal
  • ink)